The premier Viper Track weekend!


Viper Rendezvous VII - June 9-12, 2016


Here is a flyer to share with your Viper friends. Viper Rendezvous Flyer

Welcome to the Viper Rendezvous!  This is your source for all things related to the premier Viper Track weekend. 

The Viper Rendezvous is a 2 1/2 day track weekend exclusive to Dodge Viper owners who want to experience all that their Viper has to offer in a controlled road course environment.  That is, if you can control it at over 120 mph!

If you don't own and drive a Viper, then you will have to find another track venue as this weekend is for Vipers only! 

The best part about the whole weekend is that you don't have to worry about all of those speed bumps.  No, Corvettes, Ferraris, Porsches, Mustangs, or even Miatas, just Vipers!

If you are a track veteran, you will love the amount of track time and if you are a rookie, you will have an instructor to ride along with you.

The entire weekend is hosted at the Motorsport Park Hastings (MPH) road course in Hastings, Nebraska.  It is centrally located to just about everyone in the continental United States.  The track was designed by Alan Wilson who also designed other well known tracks such as Miller Motorsports Park, Gingerman Raceway, Autobahn Country Club and Barber Motorsport Park.  The track is easy to learn for the novice drivers and technical enough to challenge the advanced drivers.  With plenty of runoff, you will experience a safe environment to let your Viper run wild!

We typically have drivers from 8-10 states in attendance for the weekend.  Arrive on Thursday and be ready for track time bright and early Friday morning.  We will wrap everything up by Sunday at lunch so, you have time to get your car and guests home in good time.



Weekend Critical Information

Who:       For anyone who owns or drives a Viper

What:      Viper Rendezvous VII - Premier Viper Only Track Weekend

When:     June 10-12, 2016  (Friday through Sunday)

Where:    Motorsports Park Hastings (MPH) Roadcourse, Hastings, Nebraska

Why:       Because Viper owners love to hang out with other Viper owners and they love it even more when they can drive their cars as they were meant to be driven, fast!   

How:       Get here in any way that you can.  Trailer your car or drive your Viper with your suitcase in the back.  You won't want to miss it.


Past Guest Speakers

Past guests include representatives from SRT.  At Viper Rendezvous IV, Marketing Manager at SRT, Steve Sharples, spent the weekend at the track and gave valuable insight into the Viper marketing efforts.

At Viper Rendezvous V, SRT Chief Engineer, Graham Henckel, brought a new, white, SRT Viper and he rode shotgun the entire weekend while all of the drivers in attendance took their turn driving that SRT Viper for a few track laps at speed.


The Viper Rendezvous Experience Video

The Bacardi Bus

Friday night, you will have to put your Vipers away as you will be chauffeured for a few laps around the track in the infamous Bacardi Bus.  George Anderson will be your driver, navigator, and tour guide for the fastest laps you have ever had around a track in a highly modified yellow and black school bus.  Look out for that custom chrome smoke stack!


Viper Group Photo

Saturday, over the lunch break, all Viper owners and guests will lineup for our group photo.  It is always interesting to see what the new photo design will be.  You can see Viper Rendezvous V photo below in which we have the cars arranged to spell "GTS".  Other past designs include spelling "VIPER", "SRT",  and even aligning the Vipers in the shape of the MPH track!


Grand Finale Banquet and Awards Night

The Saturday night grand finale banquet will be hosted at an offsite location where the trophy winners will be announced and we will hear from our guest speaker.  Also, expect a few surprises at the dinner as you never know what someone might do.





The Usual Characters 

Notable celebrities, Bob Woodhouse and famed Viper aficionado, Bill Pemberton, are concentrating on Viper SRT Chief Engineer, Graham Henckel's, presentation to find out how they can benefit from just a small portion of Graham's engineering expertice.